First Mercedes Maybach in Kenya!

By Kenya / April 16, 2016

Business Mogul Chris Kirubi becomes the first Kenyan to own a Mercedes Maybach

Chris Kirubi, one of the richest persons in Kenya, has blown 40 Million shillings on a Mercedes Maybach Benz, making him the very first Kenyan to own the luxury car. This car is mostly used by heads of states in developing countries, and well the affluent in developed countries. Pricewise, and consequently class-wise, this car ranks together with Rolls Royce.

Mercedes Maybach

Mercedes Maybach

Chris Kirubi, a business mogul and a philanthropist has invested in the media, air travel, and real estate development. This makes him one of the most affluent Kenyans making 40 million shillings not sound much to him. I mean, the guy apparently lives in a penthouse in the city Centre. I wouldn’t be surprised if he bought a chopper!

According to The Star, the Mercedes Maybach is parker at DT Dobie workshop in industrial area, Nairobi.

Features of Mercedes Maybach Benz

The car is a 2016 model. The S class Maybach comes with two types of engines; V8 and V12 with a MATIC. It has a 6.0l biturbo v-12 engine. With increased displacement and a commensurate boost in output, the biturbo V-12 combines exuberance and effortlessness like no other engine. This results in more than 532hp, 612 lb-ft of torque, and 5.0- second sprint to 60mph.

The V12 can produce a force of 830 NM in 1900 revolutions per minute, given displacement of 59800 cc. it has a power output of 530 KW. It can sprint from 0 to 10km/h in five seconds only. Its top speed is 250km/h. it has a fuel consumption of 8.9 litres per 100km.

It has a 7- speed automatic transmission with shift paddles. This offers ideal response in almost every driving situation. It also has two overdrive ratios which enhances highway fuel-efficiency.  The car has a genius body control system. It uses stereo- multipurpose camera of intelligent drive to continually scan the road surface for variations, preparing the suspension to take action before the wheels reach the surface with variations.

features of Mayback

features of Mayback

The has collision prevention system that uses radar based technology to alert the driver when they are approaching a vehicle and other objects, at a distance and speed that suggests likelihood of collision (genius, right?). The moment the driver begins to brake, its Adaptive Brake Assist automatically provides the ideal level of braking to prevent collision, or minimize its severity.

Mercedes Maybach is 5,453 mm long with wheel base of 3,365mm. With its elegantly extended body, this car is highly intimidating to other cars. It has intricate vertical details; chrome double-bar grille, and extended rear quarters. Basically, the car exudes majesty, class, and mostly commands respect.

It has a heated 12-way power front seats with memory. It has seat-shaped controls that enable the driver and the front passenger to adjust their seating positions for maximum comfort. Cushion strength is also adjustable.

I’d wish to be DJ CK (yes, he is a DJ too, but not your regular DJ) right now and experience all these. Who wouldn’t anyway?

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